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Simplify 24/7 scheduling to improve patient outcomes

Schedule staff to patient demand, fill call-outs with shift swapping, and track medical certifications

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Eliminate staff burnout

  • Establish maximum work hours, receive alerts for overtime, auto-enforce breaks, and adhere to Fair Workweek regulations. Proactive functionality like this safeguards your healthcare professionals from elevated stress and fatigue levels, improving retention in the long run.

Hospital Burnout
Hospital Short Staffed

Prevent short staffing

  • With appointment-based scheduling and real-time staffing alerts, you can schedule caregivers when they're really needed to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Predictive scheduling helps you plan shifts more efficiently, ensuring you'll never face a situation where you can't meet patient needs.

Manage and track qualifications

  • Validate shifts according to employee qualifications to remain compliant with state boards and the AMA. Get alerted to expired credentials for every employee so you never lose track of training and certification requirements across units.

Hospital Qualifications
Hospital Labor Costs

Control your labor costs

  • By predicting patient demand and applying staffing ratios, you can prevent unnecessary overtime and avoid overstaffing. With this kind of precision, you can lower your labor costs without compromising patient care quality.

Ensure seamless communication

  • Message your units, post announcements, and send schedule notifications all in one convenient platform. Avoid confusion and communicate efficiently in your scheduling system instead of emailing or texting.

Hospital Communication

What's Included

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  • Employee Scheduling

    Labor Forecasting

    Task Management


  • Shift Swapping

    Open Shift Bidding

    Shift Validations

  • Schedule Templates


    Leave Management

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does cost?

To find out what will work best for your organization, visit our pricing page to request a quote.

Does integrate with other healthcare systems and practice management tools?

Yes, our healthcare staff scheduling software offers seamless integrations with many third-party platforms via open API, ensuring a seamless workflow throughout your tech stack.

Does have a mobile app?

Yes, your healthcare professionals can use on their mobile devices for on-the-go access to all the scheduling features they need, such as shift reminders, time-off requests, task checklists, shift swaps, and more.

Does have a time clock feature for employee time tracking?

Yes, with’s Time & Attendance, staff can clock-in via phone or tablet and begin working their shift. They can also clock-out, record breaks, and view their timesheets – all right from the scheduling app.

Can I upload Excel schedules to

Yes; however, you’ll be missing out on some of’s best features.’s scheduling process was designed with ease of use in mind; as such, it is much faster to build and publish schedules in than it is in Excel. Creating schedules from scratch in eliminates the need to upload and reformat spreadsheets, and you’ll get to use customizable templates, drag-and-drop functionality, auto-scheduling, shift validations, and much more.

How does shift swapping work?

In a variety of ways! If an employee cannot make it to a shift, they can either submit a general replacement request or choose a 1:1 swap with another team member. A manager can view the request and either decline or approve it. If a manager approves a general replacement request, they can then choose a replacement from a list of best-fit employees. All changes are automatically validated for shift clashes, overtime, and qualifications by

How does’s scheduling tool help me save on labor costs? helps healthcare organizations manage labor costs in two distinct ways. First, it helps you proactively schedule the most cost-effective shifts ahead of time according to patient demand. Use demand forecasts and labor ratios to optimize work schedules up to two weeks in advance. Second, reactively helps you cut down on costs during the day through real-time overtime and overstaffing alerts. And in case of schedule changes, the system also shows you best-fit replacements according to their hourly rate, overtime potential, and more.

Can staff complete their onboarding on

Yes, you can onboard new hires directly through’s HR module. Once onboarded, you can begin scheduling them immediately.

How does handle no-shows in the healthcare industry?

In the event of a no-show, managers may open up the shift for available staff to claim. When this happens, all eligible employees get a notification prompting them to claim the open shift if they are interested. Managers have the final say on who gets to work the shift.

Is cloud-based?

Yes, is completely cloud-based – you can use it anywhere, on any device.

How does contribute to the wellness of healthcare employees?

Our scheduling system is tied to an extensive labor compliance engine that enforces rules pertaining to maximum hours, overtime, Fair Workweek, and breaks across all shifts. This means you’ll never have staff members work unfair hours.

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