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Invest in workforce automation and drive down labor spend, your most controllable expense.

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Lower labor spend

Stop hemmoraging wage costs and discover higher returns throughout your workforce with automation that schedules the right people at the right time, eliminates time theft, and prevents payroll errors.

Increase manager efficiency gains eliminates the manual work, ensuring your managers spend more time on what matters and less time on building schedules, calculating pay, and approving timesheets.

Improve staff productivity

Streamline end-user experience and schedule based on preferences, proficiencies, and demand to capture as much revenue as possible for every shift. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Reduce risk of compliance failure

Map your scheduling and time tracking to an extensive labor compliance engine to handle things like meal breaks, minor laws, and overtime calculations. Automation like this keeps your business safe from hefty DOL penalties and class action lawsuits.

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Working together

We partner with customers to implement results, not software. is the fastest-moving human capital management platform committed to delivering real results for shift-based workforces.

The Amenity Collective

“We were floating around a 10% overtime rate with our employee base. Not even a year into using, we’ve already reduced that by 50% - That is a massive savings for us.”

Adam Chen, CIO

Lake Elsinore Storm

“Most of our KPIs are up almost double now. In 2019, every customer that was in [the stadium], between parking, ticketing, retail, and F&B spent $24 per person. We’re at $48 per person this year.”

Shaun Brock, CEO

GreenForce Staffing

“10 to potentially 20 hours a week of administrative operational time has been saved since implementing, and I think that can obviously grow as we continue to expand.”

Ryan Rosenfeld, CEO