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Grow profits by making your workforce more productive.

Benchmark performance, manage labor costs, and increase staff retention all in one system.

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"The decision to go with was an easy one. The return on investment has been quite obvious - it has been a game changer for us.”

- Brian Buccino, CEO at LIVunLtd.

Make sure new priorities are rolled out

  • Track completed tasks by team and location so you know important priorities have been delegated and implemented. That way, you can significantly reduce execution risk.

Benchmark performance in real-time

  • Monitor labor costs, sales, and performance metrics in real-time, for every shift, across all locations and teams. This visibility helps you work with managers to correct performance issues immediately.

Lower labor costs

  • With demand-based scheduling, you can make sure your managers only schedule how much staff they really need. That way, you can prevent unnecessary overtime, and increase your sales per labor hour.

Retain your best staff

  • Track employee sentiment and identify wider engagement trends so you can quickly address the actual root causes. You'll be able to increase average staff tenure and reduce the impact of short staffing.

Keep your team in the loop

  • Post company announcements and then make sure they've been viewed with read receipts. Share important info with your hourly workforce without using facebook groups or texts.

What's Included

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  • Scheduling


    Labor Forecasting


  • HR

    Applicant Tracking





  • Payroll

    Full Service Payroll

    Time & Attendance

    Wage & Hour Automation

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