Get your hourly labor costs under control

Prevent unnecessary overtime, benchmark teams & location costs, and address issues in real-time.

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"The ability to dive deep into revenue and labor costs has been phenomenal. There really is no comparison - has definitely been a lifesaver."

- Christine Kavic, CFO at Lake Elsinore Storm

Reduce labor costs - your most controllable expense

  • Scheduling to forecasted demand ensures managers always schedule the right number of staff. This way, you can prevent overstaffing and avoid overtime while increasing your sales per labor hour.

Benchmark performance in real-time

  • Monitor wage costs, sales, and performance metrics in real-time, for every shift, across all teams and locations. This visibility helps you work with managers to correct performance issues as soon as they pop up.

Prevent labor compliance risks

  • Automate wage & hour law calculations for payroll and keep a detailed audit trail. You can rest assured that you won't be underpaying staff and opening up yourself to lawsuits.

Know exactly when to hire

  • Track performance, labor costs, and staffing levels to identify gaps in your workforce. Use this data to understand where additional capital is needed to increase headcount and profitability.

Ensure everyone follows safety protocols

  • Incident reporting, maintenance checklists, and safety reporting ensure your workforce follows health and safety regulations; this way, you can prevent OSHA lawsuits and penalties.

What's Included

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  • Scheduling


    Labor Forecasting


  • HR

    Applicant Tracking





  • Payroll

    Full Service Payroll

    Time & Attendance

    Wage & Hour Automation

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