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Increase margins by making your workforce more efficient.

Schedule staff, assign tasks, and track attendance in the one system.

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"Before, our weekly schedules were always the same, but our sales and needs were never the same.Now, I can see exactly how many employees I need each day. It is so much easier."

– Yousafi Syed, Store Manager at Domino's Netherlands

Ensure staff get the right work done

  • Assign task checklists to your staff and track proof of completion. Always know when and where things get done even when you aren't around.

Find shift replacements immediately

  • With shift swapping, you can instantly find best-fit replacements for staff that can't make it in. No more having to go through on-call lists one by one trying to find a last minute replacement.

Build schedules 5x faster

  • With schedule templates, staff availability, and pre-calculated wage costs, you can create accurate in-budget schedules in minutes. That way, you can stay within budget without spending hours on scheduling.

Stop callouts and tardiness

  • Track clocked hours and compare to scheduled times, so you can assign points and track longer term absenteeism trends. You'll be able to identify the root causes and hold staff accountable.

Keep your team in the loop

  • Post team announcements, send 1:1 messages, and confirm with read receipts. You'll be able to share important info with your team without using Facebook groups or texts.

What's Included

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  • Scheduling


    Labor Forecasting


  • HR

    Applicant Tracking





  • Payroll

    Full Service Payroll

    Time & Attendance

    Wage & Hour Automation

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