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Clock in via tablet or phone

  • Kiosk: set up an on-site tablet where employees can clock in and clock out using a pin number and photo identification.

  • Mobile App: employees can clock in and out of shifts, take meal breaks, request time off, check schedules, and approve time cards - all right from their personal IOS and Android devices.

  • No connection? No problem. Workforce.com stores all time punches offline, syncing them once connection is restored.

Track work hours in real-time

  • Capture accurate time, every time. Automatically record work hours online as employees punch in and out.

  • Streamline how you monitor attendance with a live time clock feed. Keep a record of tardiness, absences, early clock-outs, sick leave, and PTO.

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Automate wage calculations

  • Workforce.com calculates wages for every shift, generating timesheets that account for different rates for different roles.

  • Get notifications whenever someone hits overtime and easily apply the correct rate to their timesheet.

Process payroll faster

  • Managers and employees can review and request edits to timesheets, catching errors before they reach payroll.

  • Save time with timesheet auto approvals. Automatically verify timesheets that match the schedule and highlight those that need attention.

Analyze wage & hour reports

  • Sync with Workforce.com’s scheduling to compare scheduled hours against actual hours worked to see where employees are deviating from their schedules.

  • Review labor cost variances on timesheets to know where and when teams are going over budget, and publish detailed reports to identify trends.

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Get the results you need

Eliminate Time Theft

Verify clock-ins with photo IDs, pin codes, GPS location, and biometric facial recognition to reduce buddy punching and maintain data integrity.

Reduce Error

Say goodbye to retro pay - prevent timesheet mistakes and get payroll right the first time with AI-assisted timesheet reviews, edits, and auto-approvals.

Increase Visibility

Give management the time tracking tools they need to properly manage team members on the frontline. See where and when staff are working and create reports to identify trends in absenteeism and overtime.

Improve Employee Experience

Combine a streamlined interface with robust user self-service to enhance workflow and make time tracking the easiest part of an employee’s day.

"Workforce.com helps us lower our labor costs — We are able to see where and when employees are clocking in and out, helping us reconcile payroll accurately."

— Anne Daniel, Director of Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Workforce.com's time tracking cost?

To find out more about pricing that works for you and your business needs, visit our pricing page.

Can I track billable hours and invoicing with Workforce.com?

No, Workforce.com is meant for tracking time and pay for shift-based employees. If you are a freelancer or someone who someone who sells their time, you should check out something like My Hours instead!

Can I use Workforce.com time tracking for my remote team?

Yes! Workforce.com is the best time tracking software for hourly employees, no matter their location. You can collect staff time entries on-premises, remotely, or from a job site with Workforce.com’s simple time tracking app. You can also use GPS tracking to see where remote staff are clocking in and out from.

Can I track PTO accruals with Workforce.com time tracking?

Yes, you can! The system handles all different kinds of leave management depending on what suits your business needs. See used PTO on timesheets, and know how much each employee has accrued and used at all times.

Where can I access Workforce.com's online tracking system?

Basically from any device! Workforce.com has a desktop login, mobile app, and kiosk app connected together securely in the cloud. Managers can log in via desktop to view time reports, approve hours, and monitor attendance. Employees can use the mobile app to clock in for work, check their schedules, request time off, and view their timesheets.

Can I manage multiple locations with time tracking software?

Yes, very easily! You have the ability to set up as many teams and locations as you need on Workforce.com. With a live time clock feed, you can see who is clocking in and out at every location. At the end of the pay period, you can view timesheets per location, or, view all your timesheets at once and filter by location.

What sized businesses typically use Workforce.com

Large organizations with over 20,000 staff all the way down to small businesses with 20 staff use Workforce.com. The platform scales to your timekeeping requirements, offering user-friendly navigation on the front end and robust data management on the back end.

Should I sync time tracking with my scheduling?

The value of having a time tracking solution synced with scheduling happens every minute of every shift. Strong integration between the two lets you see real-time discrepancies between scheduled and actual attendance. Whether it’s knowing when a staff member hasn’t clocked in for their shift or knowing when the number of staff working exceeds demand, syncing time tracking with scheduling helps management react faster to issues in staffing levels, labor costs, and attendance.

Does time tracking software make timesheets?

Yes, electronic timesheets are created every time an employee clocks out of a shift. These timesheets display information like wage cost variances, PTO, hours worked, pay rates, and more. When you are ready to run payroll, these timesheets can be quickly approved and then run through Workforce.com's payroll system.

Can employees use their mobile devices for time tracking?

Yes, they can! With the Workforce.com mobile app, employees can clock in and out of shifts, view their upcoming schedule, check their hours and pay, and review electronic timesheets.

Does Workforce.com monitor my employees?

The only employee monitoring going on in Workforce.com is the tracking of work hours for timesheets. The system only uses GPS clock-in snapshots, meaning employee locations are only collected at the point of clock in/out and never continually throughout a shift. Since it’s not staff monitoring software, Workforce.com does not focus on things like project management, employee productivity, or task management. Instead, Workforce.com provides hard numbers on wage costs and labor hours so that managers can control productivity on the back end while empowering hourly workers on the front end.

Can I export timesheets to a spreadsheet instead of running them directly to payroll?

Absolutely. Workforce.com gives you the flexibility you need when it comes to timesheets. Export in any file format you need, or, simply push your approved timesheets directly into Workforce.com's payroll system for quick processing.

Where can I find more information about employee time tracking?

Check out our Ebooks & whitepapers, watch a free webinar, or read up on the latest workforce management tips and trends.

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