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Capture everything in one app. Eliminate
double entry.

Reduce HR’s workload by giving your employees an app where they can update personal details, check their schedules, access timesheets and PTO, and download W4s and paystubs.

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Paperless employee onboarding.

  • Prevent delayed start dates and get staff up and running with seamless, cloud-based onboarding. New hires can easily submit direct deposit info, emergency contacts, and personal details right from their phone.

One system, one employee profile.

  • Balancing multiple profiles, portals, and apps is a big ask for employees and makes data collection a mess for HR managers. With Workforce.com, you can easily collect all the staff data you need for HRIS, scheduling, and payroll through a single, streamlined system.

Timesheet access & review.

  • Clock in, clock out, review - it’s that simple. Staff can check their timesheets on a daily basis to make sure their hours and pay accurately reflect what they worked, preventing errors before they ever reach payroll.

Availability, PTO, and Scheduling.

  • Time off and availability are synced with a dynamic scheduling system, meaning staff are never accidentally scheduled for shifts they can’t work. Automation like this prevents costly scheduling mistakes like no-shows and understaffed days.

Update info from anywhere.

  • Cut out the middleman and let staff make necessary changes to their own information without HR needing to do it for them; this keeps employee information up-to-date and lowers the number of support tickets human resources has to deal with.

“The app itself, once you get in, it’s easy.
I mean, it literally blows your mind.”

- Tawny Williams, HR Manager, Streets Team Enterprises

“Anything my staff might need is right at their fingertips - they have access to it
all instantly.”

- Helen Carter, Lifeguard Manager, American Pool

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Workforce.com's task management tool cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

How does ESS improve my employee experience?

Employees don’t like feeling helpless. Give them more of a say in their employment and they’ll be much happier (and productive) for it. Self-scheduling functionality, access to timesheets, and easily accessible profiles are only a few examples of self-service measures that improve employee experience in the workplace. And the best part? It will take your HR department less time to complete all their administrative tasks with everything being delegated to employees.

Wait, my employees will only need to use one mobile app for everything? How?

Yes, they can use the app to clock in and out of shifts they are scheduled to work. Doing this automatically generates electronic timesheets where staff can see their hours worked and wages earned.

Can my employees use Workforce.com for time tracking?

To see sales data on your schedule, Yes, they can use the app to clock in and out of shifts they are scheduled to work. Doing this automatically generates electronic timesheets where staff can see their hours worked and wages earned.

What are the main benefits of employee self-service systems?

In short, they are great for boosting employee engagement and streamlining HR processes. By giving employees more autonomy in their workflows, they start to feel more valued, and in turn, empowered. At the same time, this increased autonomy at the end-user level reduces the amount of time HR professionals spend messing with things like personal data entry, time off requests, scheduling conflicts, and more.

Does Workforce.com integrate with other HR software?

Yes, you can integrate Workforce.com with any HRIS, HCM, payroll, or any other HR solution you currently use. Simply import your employee data directly into Workforce.com to start using the ESS portal.

How does HR employee self-service improve my talent management?

Managing talent goes far beyond simply finding, hiring, and onboarding the right people. You need to promote initiatives to retain and empower your talent. A self-service module gives your talent what they need to do their jobs more effectively.

What kind of HR information can staff update in Workforce.com

Employee records like phone numbers, bank details, emergency contacts, and personal info can all be updated in the Workforce.com app.

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