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Stay ahead of employee turnover with in-store applications, previous applicant pipeline, and automatic screening.

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Get more applicants

  • Place in-store QR codes to quickly and conveniently attract local candidates. By keeping things simple, every location can easily find the best talent without relying on HR to source them.

Speed up the hiring process

  • Collect available work hours and qualify candidates based on role requirements during the application process. No more wasting time interviewing people who aren't qualified or can't work the right hours.

Get new hires working right away

  • Onboard new hires in 3 minutes and prevent delayed start dates by automatically sending out onboarding forms where they can provide their personal details, W-4s, and I-9s.

Have a list of previous candidates ready to go

  • Store a list of previous applicants with their contact details and what roles they're interested in. Instantly notify this talent pool of job openings instead of manually searching through paper resumes.

Find & fix hiring bottlenecks

  • Track recruitment metrics to see which teams, roles, and locations are struggling to hire; this helps your recruitment team pinpoint issues better in their hiring decisions and workflows.

What's Included

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  • Job Postings

    In Store QR Code Applications

    Online Applications

    Customizable Application Forms

    Candidate Pipeline Management

    Candidate Search

  • Candidate Shortlists

    Applicant Status Tracking

    Store Resumes & Cover Letters

    Onboarding in the same system

    HRIS in the same system

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does’s applicant tracking system cost?

We work with you to determine a plan that best suits your business needs. Please visit our pricing page to request a quote.

Is’s ATS system cloud-based or on-premise? is completely cloud-based, meaning you can use it to review potential candidates from anywhere, on any device.

What makes the recruitment process in different from other software vendors?

Here at, we make software primarily for hourly, shift-based workforces. That means the main focus of our ATS is to help you keep a database of the best candidates in your local area. We also focus on user-friendly job posting, applying, and onboarding – all in one system. We know your goal as a business is to hire the best applicants quickly to keep your staffing full; you don’t want to mess around with all the frills other ATS software or recruitment agencies force on you. With, you find people who want to work and get them working quickly. That’s what matters.

What kind of businesses use

10-1,000 staff shift-based businesses in retail, F&B, hospitality, and healthcare tend to use the most, but our system can accommodate nearly any use case.

What happens when I offer someone a position? will automatically move accepted job applicants into the onboarding process where they can fill out their personal details and submit their W-4s and I-9s. This occurs seamlessly in one system, as features applicant tracking and onboarding.

Besides its recruitment tools, what else does offer?

Well, everything. streamlines everything you need for end-to-end employee management. You can recruit, onboard, schedule, and pay employees all on This means no more double-entry or messy integrations to deal with.

Talent Management System vs Applicant Tracking System: What’s the difference?

Talent Management Systems typically encompass the early to mid-stages of the talent acquisition lifecycle. They are used for sourcing top candidates, scheduling interviews, and building relationships. An ATS is more limited in scope, mainly dealing with job seekers after they have applied. Overall, applicant tracking systems are the primary way businesses get new applicants reviewed, approved, and moved to the onboarding phase, while talent management software is primarily used for candidate sourcing and engagement.

What kind of information should I put in job postings?’s job posting functionality makes it easy to determine what you should include. Start with the basics: the title, job position, description, location, and job type. Then, customize the questions you want to ask. Some might be open-ended, like relevant work experience, while others may require a simple yes or no answer. HR managers should consider including candidate experience requirements, expected salary/wage, and a company culture overview within the job description.

Can integrate with other software systems? integrates with a wide variety of human resources, CRM, POS, and payroll providers. You can easily import and export employee and candidate information via API, CSV, or SFTP.

How does’s QR code functionality make recruitment easier?

Skip the time-consuming email and phone tag game with QR codes. They make applying as simple as tapping a screen. Have your hiring team put up QR codes in and around your business for local candidates to see, or post QR codes on social media to get the word out to top talent faster. QR codes also make employee referrals much more straightforward.

Does’s recruiting software have job posting templates?

Creating job postings is easy for hiring managers on We provide you with a simple-to-understand and fully customizable formatting to work with – fill out the required fields and add the questions needed to conduct a proper assessment.

What kind of real-time dashboards can my hiring team view in’s ATS?

Your team members will be able to see a list of all the people who have applied for a job, as well as a complete list of the job ads posted by your organization.

Are my job postings branded on

Yes, you can add employer branding to every post on your job board.

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