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Keep your hourly staff in the loop. No Facebook groups.

Send 1:1 messages and important company announcement directly to the phones of your hourly staff.

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Instantly message anyone

  • Send 1:1 messages between your staff and managers so you can discuss work without slow emails and phone tag.

Get your whole company on the same page

  • Announce important company changes and mid shift updates instantly to any team or location. That way you know your team is operating with the latest information.

Keep staff safe during emergencies

  • Send out emergency alerts for urgent and critical updates. It means your team won't be in harms way due to slow communications.


Know important announcements are read

  • Require staff to acknowledge announcements that you've marked important; this way, you know your updates are actually being read.

What's Included

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  • 1:1 Instant Messaging

    Group Messaging

    Company Wide Announcements

  • Important Message Acknowledgement

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