Time & Attendance Software

Accurately track attendance.
Eliminate incomplete timesheets.

Stop manual updates by capturing time punches, availability, PTO, breaks, and call-outs in one system.

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Time & Attendance is more than time punches.

If you're only tracking start and end times, then you're not getting complete oversight of your workforce. By tracking paid and unpaid breaks, tardiness, availability, PTO, and scheduled time vs actual time variances in one system you can know what your workforce is doing in real time and always pay staff accurately.

Never miss time punches

  • Capture clock in and outs, send automatic reminders for missing time punches based on scheduled hours, and let staff update missing times themselves with self-service. That way you'll stop incomplete timesheets holding up payroll.

Prevent overtime in real-time

  • Send managers and staff alerts when they are about to hit overtime. That way managers can stop overtime during the shift and prevent excess labor costs and staff burnout.

Eliminate time theft

  • Compare punch times to scheduled hours and round to actual time worked, make sure staff are the right location with GPS clocking, and clock in and out for breaks. That way you're only paying staff for the hours they actually worked and prevent future wage theft.

Everything on one timesheet

  • Get complete oversight by tracking paid and unpaid breaks, PTO, split shifts, as well as recording notes on each timesheet. That way you'll have a full paper trail to prevent labor law and compliance lawsuits.

Attendance Points System

  • Customize attendance points based on your attendance policy, and auto-assign based on clocked times compared with scheduled hours. That way you can easily see larger attendance trends and work with managers to reduce call-outs, no shows, and late arrivals.

What's Included

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  • Timeclock

    Mobile App & GPS Clocking


    Employee Self-Service

  • Attendance Alerts

    Auto-Timesheet Approvals

    PTO Management & Policies

    Break Management & Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does workforce.com cost?

To find out what will work best for your business needs, visit our pricing page to request a quote.

Do I have to buy a physical time clock?

Workforce.com is entirely web-based, meaning staff can clock in and out of work on any device. You may download our kiosk app to use on a centralized tablet, or employees can download the Workforce.com app to their IOS or Android device to clock in right from their phone.

Can my employees submit time off requests?

Yes! Over the Workforce.com app, employees can punch in and out, submit time off, check time off balances, review their timesheets, update their personal details, complete onboarding checklists, and much more.

Why is tracking time and attendance important?

Tracking time and attendance is a core business function. It makes jobs easier, reduces errors, prevents breaches in labor compliance, and saves on managerial overhead. Attendance tracking is also important for controlling labor costs, as it helps eliminate time theft, pinpoints areas of overspending, and reins in absenteeism.

Can I manage multiple locations in Workforce.com?

Yes, very easily! You have the ability to set up as many teams and locations as you need on Workforce.com. With a live time clock feed, you can see who is clocking in and out at every location. At the end of the pay period, you can view timecards per location or all your timesheets simultaneously and filter by location.

Can I use Workforce.com’s attendance solution to schedule my staff?

While Workforce.com’s attendance module only focuses on recording work hours, you can use Workforce.com’s shift scheduling platform to quickly build, fill out, and deploy schedules to your staff. Syncing Workforce.com’s employee scheduling tool with time & attendance gives you insight into real-time data - namely, wage & hour variances, attendance notifications, and employee productivity metrics. Syncing the two systems also helps you enforce overtime rules and avoid shift clashes.

Is Workforce.com easy to use?

Yes! We designed our software to streamline shift work for hourly employees; this means our software is accessible, intuitive, and highly user-friendly.

Does Workforce.com’s time tracking software pay my staff?

No, the time & attendance module is simply for tracking employee hours and generating timesheets. In order to pay your staff, you’ll need to export timesheets to either Workforce.com’s payroll software or to an integrated third-party payroll provider.

Can I export timesheets to a spreadsheet instead of running them directly through payroll?

Absolutely! You can run a CSV or SFTP export for all your timesheets if you have an external payroll system. While this method does work, it does add more time to your overall payroll process – that’s why it's best practice to seamlessly push all approved timesheets to Workforce.com's payroll system for a faster pay run.

How do I record an employee’s clock-in and clock-out location?

Workforce.com's mobile app uses GPS tracking, meaning it captures the exact location of an employee each time they clock-in and clocks out. It does not track an employee’s location throughout a shift; rather, it only records in-the-moment GPS data with every punch of the time clock.

How does time and attendance software prevent time theft?

Several ways. Geofencing functionality lets you define clock-in areas to ensure employees begin shifts in their designated workplaces. Photo identification and optional biometric face scanning confirm the identity of the person clocking in as well, eliminating buddy punching.

What size businesses typically use Workforce.com’s time and attendance system?

While small businesses and large enterprises use Workforce.com, our platform best suits shift-based organizations with 20-3,000 staff, primarily in retail, hospitality, and healthcare. Organizations with a large number of employees typically use Workforce.com’s all-in-one HCM package, as it gives managers more control over and deeper insight into their workforce management operations.

Where can I find more information about hourly employee time and attendance?

Glad you asked! Check out our news section for the latest on timekeeping tips and trends, read one of our many whitepapers on employee attendance management, or watch one of our webinars on How to Reduce Absenteeism.

I’m a remote contractor. Can I use Workforce.com to invoice billable time?

No. Workforce.com is primarily used by shift-based organizations to track time for on-site staff. As such, it’s not the most practical tool for remote employees, freelance professionals, or contract workers.

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