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Improve attendance across your workforce.

Absences, call-outs, tardiness - get it all under control and prevent shortstaffing with automated points-based attendance that’s fair for staff and precise for managers.

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Auto-assign points for attendance infractions

  • Create rules and choose how staff accrue points - be it for arriving late, leaving early, or never showing up - and increase accountability across the board to prevent understaffed shifts.

Track time and record points via a time clock app

  • captures accurate time punches in real-time and automatically assigns points for absenteeism. Precision like this eliminates admin work and prevents time tracking errors, keeping your staff confident and punctual.

Get notified and view attendance reports

  • Receive email alerts and take disciplinary action whenever employees reach certain point thresholds. Review active and expired point history per employee, or, check out point totals for all employees in a single report.

Customize what you need

  • Choose how many points are received for each type of infraction, delete points, set expiration dates, and tailor early/ late timeframes. You can even manually assign points for unique situations like uniform and safety violations.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use's point system independently from its time and attendance module?

Not really; the process would be entirely manual, defeating the purpose of even using software in the first place.'s point system requires employee time clock data in order to automatically recorgnize when someone is late, early, or a no-show. So, to make the most of the points tool, you'll need to use's full time and attendance system, to track employee hours and time punches.

What is an attendance point system?

An attendance point system is an attendance policy that penalizes hourly staff with points every time they arrive late to a shift, leave a shift early, or do not show up for a shift at all. Accruing a set number of points results in disciplinary action, and with enough points, termination.

How do I automate an attendance point system?

This is typically done using web-based time and attendance software. Employees can clock in and out via a mobile app or kiosk app, and points are assigned based on deviations from scheduled shift times. Managers can then view all point records online and enforce disciplinary policy as they see fit.

Can small businesses use an attendance point system?

While points-based attendance is typically used by larger organizations with 200+ staff, small businesses can certainly utilize it if they feel it will increase accountability and reduce absenteeism.

What are the benefits of attendance point software?

Automated point systems primarily help you reduce absenteeism by improving accountability, transparency, and fairness. Why is this important? Because persistent no-shows and call-outs can put your business in understaffed situations, harming both productivity and customer satisfaction. Perfect attendance means proper staffing, higher revenue, and fewer wasted costs on unreliable labor.

How much does cost?

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