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Automatically calculate overtime, pay differentials, and tips on the timesheet before payroll.

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Calculate multiple overtime rates

  • Automatically calculate daily, weekly, and any other overtime rates on the timesheet before payoll. That way you aren't manually calculating pay as well as prevent under and over payments in payroll.

Stay compliant with minor laws

  • Set maximum work hours, prevent minors being scheduled for certain jobs, and restrict shift start and end times. All of this keeps your managers compliant with laws pertaining to younger workers.

Change rates based on location or role

  • Automatically calculate pay rates based on what location and role staff are scheduled for; that way you don't have to cross reference schedules and timesheets when calculating total pay.


Prevent Fair Workweek breaches

  • Publish schedules to staff phones, set minimum break time between shifts, and auction available shifts for staff to claim. Easily comply with Fair Workweek and never let the logistics keep you shortstaffed.

Split tips based on hours worked

  • Split tip pools based on hours worked within a team or location; this way you always pay tips correctly and keep staff happy by paying them fairly.

What's Included

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  • Overtime rates

    Minor Laws

    Location Based Pay

    Role Based Pay

    Tips split by hours worked

  • Fair workweek compliance

    Paid & unpaid breaks


    Compliance Reporting

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