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Make hourly payroll as simple as salaried staff payroll.

Clever missing timesheet reminders, complete employee self service, and auto calculate pay differentials.

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"Our payroll went from 4 hours to less than 20 minutes with"

– Rachel Fischer, Co-Founder & COO at Kilowatt Brewing

Always get staff to complete their timesheets

  • Send push notifications to staff when they forget to clock in or out based on their schedule and give managers daily incomplete timesheet reminders. Ensure timesheets are completed and approved throughout the pay period so that payroll is never held up.

Get staff to update their own details

  • With employee self-service, staff can update their personal details, request PTO, and view their paystubs. By delegating this admin work to employees, you'll cut down on time spent to answering questions and double entering staff details.

Auto-calculate role & location pay differentials

  • Timesheets take into account the role staff work, plus what location they clocked-in to so you can pre-calculate differentials before payroll. You won't have to follow-up with managers to get answers for what alternative rates to apply.

Never stuff up employees' first payruns

  • Paperless onboarding lets new hires quickly add personal details and fill out forms so they're ready to clock-in on day one. You won't be stuck chasing staff down for their W-4s or bank information.

Stop needing to make payroll adjustments

  • Calculate weighted average overtime automatically instead of at the highest rate, and auto-assign alternate rates based on team or location worked. Confidently process payruns in half the time without the need for last-minute adjustments.

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