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Automatically prompt new hires to submit their personal information, bank details, I-9s, and W-4s. No more paper forms, manager back and forth, or delayed start dates.

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Get new hires working right away

  • Paperless employee onboarding lets you capture new hires' details, sending the information straight into HRIS, Scheduling, and Payroll. You're never chasing down and re-entering documents last minute to get staff ready for day one.

Eliminate paper forms and double-entry

  • Complete digital I-9 and W-4 forms, collect e-signatures, and get acknowledgments of company policies. All of this new hire paperwork goes straight to your HRIS without the need to manually re-enter details.

Pay staff correctly on their first pay run

  • Collect bank details, I-9s, and W-4s, and set pay rates and conditions in the one system before new hires start. That way you aren't running retropays for their first pay and upsetting new hires.

See who hasn't completed onboarding

  • Remind new hires to complete their onboarding checklists and give hiring managers a list of those who are still unfinished. No more surprises when new employees aren’t able to work on their first day.

Let staff update their own details

  • Small changes like adding a new bank account or changing an address shouldn’t disrupt workflow. Staff can update personal details on their own via the Workforce.com mobile app without opening a ticket with HR.

What's Included

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  • Mobile App

    I-9 & W-4 Digital Form Capture

    Personal Details

    Bank Details

  • Emergency Contacts

    Company Policy Acknowledgement

    Incomplete Onboarding Reminders

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Workforce.com’s new hire onboarding software cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

How does effective onboarding improve the employee experience?

Drawn-out new employee onboarding processes give poor first impressions. Human resources should look to streamline onboarding from start to finish in order to keep the employee invested in their new role and company. The easiest way to do this is to utilize mobile self-service features - doing this empowers the end-user and makes the most out of the technology they have in their pocket.

What should onboarding look like during the first week of employment?

The administrative side of onboarding should take no longer than the employee’s first day. New hires should be able to fill out all the information HR needs in as little time as possible so they can get to work. How the rest of the week goes is up to you. Usually, the remaining four days are spent on employee orientation - this could be training, team-building exercises, or co-worker shadowing.

How does Workforce.com’s onboarding benefit my HR team?

In two ways. First, it eliminates much of the administrative work HR professionals must complete when onboarding new hires. With extensive self-service features, staff can complete and submit all of the necessary information needed for their onboarding right from the Workforce.com app. Second, Workforce.com prevents delayed start dates. Its simple checklist system and mobile functionality make it much easier for staff to complete onboarding in time for their official first day of work.

Does better onboarding improve my employee engagement levels?

Of course! Efficient and user-friendly onboarding helps employees fill out employment information much more quickly. It also helps establish a company culture of high engagement from the outset whenever a new team member joins the company. All of this not only leads to better engagement but also improved employee retention and employee satisfaction.

Can staff access my company’s employee handbook through Workforce.com?

Yes, you may upload documents to Workforce.com and require staff to acknowledge them as part of your onboarding program. By giving staff e-access to the employee handbook, you’re able to instill company values quickly in the first month, ensuring a cohesive work environment for everyone.

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