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Domino's lowers labor costs and increases SPLH with

As the largest pizza company in the world, Domino's is highly regarded for its quality ingredients and industry-leading delivery services. See how eight of its global partners in Europe, Oceania, and Asia teamed up with to reduce labor costs and improve workplace productivity.

Products used

  • Scheduling
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee App
  • Labor Forecasting
  • Labor Compliance
  • 80,000  Staff

    We live in a time where a domino piece has become a globally recognized symbol for pizza, transcending even the most distinct cultural and linguistic barriers. This impressive feat is only possible with quality products, excellent service, and a dedicated, multicultural workforce.

    Domino’s Pizza just so happens to possess these exact ingredients for success.

    The international branches for Domino’s in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, and six European countries combine for over 80,000 employees and 2,000 locations. Together, this global workforce continues to blaze new trails for technology in the workplace.


    In recent years, Domino’s has experienced tremendous growth outside of the US. This growth did not come without its eventual setbacks, however.

    “We needed a better way of managing our workforce,” says Nick Knight, CEO of Domino’s Australia. “We had built different interfaces for managing time and attendance and scheduling. It was all band-aided across to our point of sale system.”

    With a growing pool of employees across a variety of markets, Domino’s needed to act quickly to find a solution that maximied cost efficiency, as their second largest expense at the time was out-of-control labor costs.

    “The main reason we looked for a workforce management system was because we had five minimum wage increases,” says Arie Elbaz, COO of Domino’s Israel. “We needed a solution that would allow us to be more efficient.”


    Eight Domino’s partners totaling 2,000 locations in Australia, Israel, and Europe teamed up with to solve workforce management.

    As a cloud-based solution for scheduling, time and attendance, and labor compliance, unites all Domino’s locations in a single, easy-to-use system that integrates seamlessly with POS, HR, and payroll. Most importantly, gives individual stores the flexibility and functionality they need to properly manage their employees and labor costs.

    “We are always looking to use the latest innovative technology in everything that we do,” says Knight. “ has truly made life better, not only for Domino’s but for franchisees and team members alike.”


    Since implementing, Domino’s locations across the world have seen significant improvements in their scheduling and time tracking operations. Here are only a few of the highlights:

    Lower Labor Costs

    Domino’s Australia and Israel have both experienced up to an 11% drop in wage costs as a percentage of revenue since using Franchisees in the two countries are now able to eliminate time theft with time clocks that utilize GPS location, photo identification, and pin codes. Managers can also check wage and hour variances, helping them pinpoint exactly where they are overspending on labor.

    Higher Productivity

    With’s automation, Domino’s Israel raised their sales per labor hour by 12%. Staff easily clock in and check their schedules via a user-friendly app, eliminating unnecessary confusion and bottleneck.

    Improved Customer Experience

    Domino’s Israel has enjoyed a 9% increase in customer satisfaction (NPS) since implementing’s labor forecasting. To eliminate understaffing issues, stores now forecast expected sales up to four weeks out, automatically creating schedules based on these predictions that account for availability, qualifications, and role-by-role needs.

    Tailored Implementation

    A dedicated team of workforce management consultants worked with Domino’s to fully implement the platform according to their unique needs and vision.

    “The people at are experts in their field and really understand what they do,” Knight says, “But they are really humble and open to making a system that works for Domino’s.”

    This partnership with is yet another chapter in Domino’s long history of being the first to adopt game-changing technology solutions. Before it was self-driving delivery cars. Right now, it’s an automated scheduling solution. In the future? Who’s to say?

    “Domino’s is really becoming a more and more technical company,” says Sjoerd Seters, a franchisee in the Netherlands. “I think that gives us an advantage - and I don't think that stops here. There’s more to come.”